Monday, September 5, 2011

Up, Up and Away

I have been storing this lovely old picture frame for years - literally!  I knew someday it would come in handy, and the day finally arrived.

I wanted a bulletin board for my son's room.  Little boys need fun spaces to display their collections - and mother's need a way to keep those collections off the floor and on top of dressers.  The bulletin boards from the store had such a strong odour that I just could not bear to put one in my son's room.   So I pulled out the lovely old frame and came up with a plan.

I flatted a large box that was waiting to be recycled.  I was lucky that it did not have any major creases and was fairly thick.  I measured the opening of my frame onto the cardboard and cut it out.  I had a lovely piece of airplane themed fabric in my cupboard, and I cut it out larger than the cardboard.  I took white glue, thinned it with a tiny bit of water and spread it all over the cardboard.  I placed the fabric on top of the glue and smoothed out all the air bubbles and bumps.  I also wrapped the fabric around the back and added staples close to the edge so that they would be hidden by the frame.

Finally, I used some chocolate brown bias tape to create the diagonal crosses.  I stapled them in place on the back.  I inserted the new bulletin board into the frame and tapped a couple of small picture hanging nails into the back to keep the cardboard in place.

The cardboard is thick enough for my son to use thumbtacks, or he can simply slide things under the bias tape.

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