Saturday, September 10, 2011

The plumbing is finished!

The plumber arrived at 7 this morning!  The pipes were set into the trenches and I filled in around them with crusher dust.  I think it took me about 8 wheelbarrow loads.  Building biceps, building biceps.  That's my mantra these days.

My kids were terribly excited to have the new wash room up and running.  Is that just a boy thing or do young girls have the same fascination?  It leaves me bewildered and often frustrated on a daily bases.  Potty talk is hilarious in this house at the moment.

So now I am filling in the rest of the crusher dust over top of the pipe and then laying in some of the soil that I dug out to make the trench.  Finally, I will begin carting in more gravel to lay over the top of it all.  Some day, the deck will extend over this area.  Hopefully the next trench I dig unveils a chest of buried treasure to pay for that.

Digging the trench out by hand instead of hiring a machine saved me a lot of money.  I can't say it was enjoyable, but it feels good to have it done and know that I did that part myself.

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